About the Serious Road Trip website

About the Serious Road Trip

The Serious Road Trip was founded in the United Kingdom in 1991, with the goal of helping people in difficulty, anywhere in the world. During the war in the former Yugoslavia, TSRT delivered much-needed humanitarian aid to war-torn communities, combined with its own unique brand of therapeutic circus entertainment.

After the war, the main Road Trip was wound down but the work of the organization was continued by new Road Trip branches started by former members. The first of these, TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Fran├žaise, helped to create three further branches, two in France and one in Romania. Today, these four groups carry out humanitarian projects based on circus and street theatre throughout the world.

About this website

This website was designed and implemented for the Serious Road Trip by Angus McIntyre of nomadcode.

Parts of this site are built dynamically using PHP and MySQL. The jQuery Javascript framework is used for client-side interactivity. jQuery plugins used include jQuery-lightbox by Warren Krewenki and fitted.js by Trevor Morris. Original photographs appearing on the site are copyrighted by their creators as indicated.