TSRT Member Organizations

The original Serious Road Trip started up in London in 1991. Since then, other groups have taken on the Road Trip name and goal - to help people in difficulty everywhere, particularly children, and particularly through the medium of circus and street art. These groups, started by members of earlier Road Trip organizations, have become fully-fledged organizations in their own right, with their own personnel, their own projects and their own sources of funding. This section gives some information about the different groups that are part of the larger movement.


TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Bisontine

Besançon, France


TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise

Nantes, France


TSRT Romania

Timisoara, Romania


The Serious Road Trip

London, United Kingdom

TSRT Cambridge

The Serious Road Trip from Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom


TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française

Charente, France