Road Trippers and friends (1994-1997)

Max Reeves

Andy painting Tessa

Franck Lefebvre

Franck Lefebvre and Bono at New Year

Max Reeves and Tessa


Martin and Alex from Mediatrice

Alan in hospital after falling off his truck

Alan with hanging Smurf

John Pinkerton and Martin Kennedy

Christophe, Alan and the police

Vince Steur in school

Pete and Gin with Bosnian special forces


Indira on Stari Most

Toca and his dad

Sophie, True Colours art therapy project

Sara Butterworth, True Colours circus workshop

Simon Glinn

John Pinkerton

Bennet, Comusa Project

Adam from China Drum

China Drum in Sarajevo Library

New Years Eve In Bok Club

Volleyball on Split beach

Photographs in this gallery were taken by Max Reeves. Please contact the photographer for permission before reproducing any of the images on this page.