Former Yugoslavia (1994-2000)

Max Reeves

Babuska and grandson with family AK-47

Girl in mental hospital


Bird over East Mostar

Bridge exploding

Unfilled kids' graves

Sarajevo Airport

PakBatt on route Pacman

Last checkpoint before East Mostar

KiwiBatt base

KiwiBatt haka

KiwiBatt haka

Santica St, front line between Bosnians and Croats

Unis Tower

Oslobidana Building

'Cafe Adolf' car sticker


HOS Croat fascist militia poster

Sarajevo 1994

Sarajevo 1995

Sarajevo 1996

Kid and UN APC

View from top of Unis Tower


Old man winds up his axe

Winter, Sarajevo

Refugee kid with accordeon

Roma in Mostar ruins

Roma in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Derby 2000

Sarajevo Derby 2000

Sarajevo 2000

Photographs in this gallery were taken by Max Reeves. Please contact the photographer for permission before reproducing any of the images on this page.