TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française

LocationCharente, France

The Serious Road Trip - Connexion Humanitaire Française was started in July 1995 by French volunteers from the original London Serious Road Trip and friends in Orléans, France. The objective of the group is to help people in difficulty at both the national and international level by means of circus and street arts.

TSRT-CHF has been active both within France and abroad. Early projects included a successful collaboration with the Circus of Tirana in Albania, as well as sport and circus projects reaching out to some of the most remote areas of Albania. TSRT-CHF has also carried out a number of projects in Romania and in Kosovo.

In 2002, TSRT-CHF launched the first ever Road Trip project outside Europe, with a tour of refugee camps and institutions in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

TSRT-CHF is now based in Saint Laurent de Céris in the Charente department, France.

La Petite Fuie
16450Saint Laurent de Céris, France
cell: +33-5-4529-0453