Graeme Bint

Nickname in the Road TripBinty
Present OccupationDive photographer
Where do you live?Cairns, Australia
Where would you like to live?Somewhere in the Caribbean. Although Cairns is a pretty cool part of the world.
What do you think the mission statement of the Serious Road Trip is?It is our continuing commitment to do what we are told cannot be done!
What did you do within the Serious Road Trip?Drug smuggler, people trafficker, thief, counterfeiter, briber, squat breaker, gun runner and prostitution racketeer! (Only Christophe and Bill know which one isn't true).
What did the Serious Road Trip do within you?Screwed up my Neurotransmitters! Mainly: Serotonin and Dopamine!
If the Serious Road Trip was a well-known person, who would it be?A cross between Robin Hood and Mr Magoo.
What's the most valuable thing you've ever given to somebody?Hope ... and a West Ham Shirt!
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to the world?Kept a bunch of misfits out of prison!
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to you?Taught me not to trust the people we are told to trust! And to enjoy our life to the full, 'cos it's short.
What did you not like about the Serious Road Trip?Losing most my teeth and eating out of date baby food for three months!!!!
Propose a motto for the Serious Road TripJust do it!
In what circumstances did you join the Serious Road Trip?Trev blagged me into doing a convoy to Sarajevo then nobbed off to race cars!! Bastard!
In what circumstances did you leave the Serious Road Trip?Insanity!
If you were to measure the Serious Road Trip, which system would you use and what ranking would you give?Easy: % Proof ... Bloody strong!
Did you manage to achieve what you set out to do?Yes and more thanks to working with some of the most amazing people I
What would be an alternative or better name for the Serious Road Trip?More balls than most!
What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from the Serious Road Trip?My life!!!!!!!
What do you think the Serious Road Trip is good at?Gate crashing parties and getting up the noses of self important b
What do you think the Serious Road Trip should do next?All meet at the Octoberfest!
If the Serious Road Trip was a drink, which one would it be?Bloody Mary, without the tomato juice.
What is your favourite memory or anecdote from the Serious Road Trip?

God, there are so many, but:

Peter Stuart sitting on a lit candle! (We're still not sure if it was on purpose or not!)

Watching Christophe run up the mountain pass in the snow and ice 'cos he was sure the truck wouldn't make it. We couldn't stop and he must have ended up walking 3kms. He was pissed off!

But the most touching memory was witnessing Emir saying goodbye to his father just before we smuggled him out of Sarajevo. Neither of them knowing whether or not they would see one another again. And looking round at Gaffers and the other skidders in silence realizing we all had tears in our eyes. Ten years on, those tears still come sometimes!