Richard Proctor

Where do you live?The hills of Transilvania, northern Romania.
Where would you like to live?Quite happy here thanks.
What do you think the mission statement of the Serious Road Trip is?I didn't know we had one! If we do, it should be something like "live life, love life and don't wait for someone else to do something, do it yourself." (I could do better, but not in so few words)
What did you do within the Serious Road Trip?Teacher and performer (circus related activities mostly, for therapy and education, and still active)
What did the Serious Road Trip do within you?Many many wonderful things (this is no joke)
If the Serious Road Trip was a well-known person, who would it be?Hard to say, but more like Bob Geldof than Princess Diana.
What's the most valuable thing you've ever given to somebody?Everything, and she's worth it.
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to the world?A big difference: proving things can be done and not accepting the lies, inertia, apathy, hatred, racism, etc, etc, which are all too prevalent, having a laugh, and encouraging everyone else to laugh too. And more.
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to you?A big difference: it was like marrying into a big, crazy, loving, multi -national family.
Choose one word or phrase to encapsulate the Serious Road TripThe old hippy in me tells me to write "love."
What did you not like about the Serious Road Trip?Bit macho at times.
Propose a motto for the Serious Road Trip"We're going to do it anyway."
In what circumstances did you join the Serious Road Trip?It was a lucky accident: walking past the old office in King's Cross, seeing the 'who's clowning around in Bosnia?' poster and thinking to myself 'I could do that ..." And here I am, still doing it ten years later!
In what circumstances did you leave the Serious Road Trip?I'm still active, on my own - SRT in Romania - and with the French clowns, Anyway, I always thought SRT is like the freemasons: once you're in, that's it.
If you were to measure the Serious Road Trip, which system would you use and what ranking would you give?7 or 8 on the Richter scale.
Did you manage to achieve what you set out to do?Some, though I'm still working at other things, but I'm having fun and feeling reasonably confident!
What would be an alternative or better name for the Serious Road Trip?It's too late for that, and besides, we've survived with this name for long enough. It's certainly memorable.
What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from the Serious Road Trip?Difficult, but belief in the organisation, our work and my part in all of that is worth a lot.
What do you think the Serious Road Trip is good at?Getting things done, making people smile and parties.
What do you think the Serious Road Trip should do next?More of the same, and not go the way of so many agencies by forgetting where we come from and what we've done before.
If the Serious Road Trip was a drink, which one would it be?Tequilla slammer with a cold pils chaser.
What is your favourite memory or anecdote from the Serious Road Trip?There are too many to choose from, but driving around Paris and across Europe on the bus was unforgettable, and headlining the first night of the Sighisoara in 1995 have to be near the top. Surviving the perilous and bandit-infested mountain roads of Albania - the raki helped - is something I'll never forget.