Tony Rees

Nickname in the Road TripSpesh
NationalityWelsh European
Present OccupationEvents Production Manager
Where do you live?London
Where would you like to live?Under the sea
What do you think the mission statement of the Serious Road Trip is?Speak up. Speak out. Think first but only if appropriate and unavoidable.
What did you do within the Serious Road Trip?Punched holes in walls in Camden and argued with people there and in Split.
What did the Serious Road Trip do within you?I was also culpable - no names, no guilt!
If the Serious Road Trip was a well-known person, who would it be?Outwardly: Vin Diesel & Tank Girl. Inwardly: Vin Diesel & Tank Girl
What's the most valuable thing you've ever given to somebody?Trust and respect.
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to the world?We annoyed the fuck out of a lot of people, mainly the UN. If only we could have got to Douglas Hurd and Boutros Boutros Ghastly ...
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to you?SRT allowed me the freedom to build up vast personal debt which hung around for years, multiplying in value to the benefit of my creditors, mainly the UK Inland Revenue.
Choose one word or phrase to encapsulate the Serious Road TripUN savoury. UN believable. UN workable. UN viable. UN accountable. UN ilateral. UN leashed. UN armed. UN expected. UN avoidable. UN dulant. UN dervalued. UN sound. UN wary. UN precedented. UN ique. UN itive. UN icycle.
What did you not like about the Serious Road Trip?The moments of sober clarity before the first round in The Hopeless Wanker.
Propose a motto for the Serious Road TripQuestion everything. Accept everything. Even out of date baby food.
In what circumstances did you join the Serious Road Trip?I was kidnapped/stolen from Warchild. My nasal cavities are still grateful.
In what circumstances did you leave the Serious Road Trip?"You can walk out anytime you like but you can never leave."
If you were to measure the Serious Road Trip, which system would you use and what ranking would you give?Apparently the latest thinking is that 93% of the Universe is made up of Dark Matter ...
Did you manage to achieve what you set out to do?I was never that focused!
What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from the Serious Road Trip?It remains to be seen whether any of us stand for political office and become blackmailable.
What do you think the Serious Road Trip is good at?I know what it was good at. I don't know what it is now.
What do you think the Serious Road Trip should do next?Have a collective beer and get active about climate change. Continue to feel warm and fuzzy when you make a child laugh, but what kind of planet is our generation passing on to that child?
If the Serious Road Trip was a drink, which one would it be?Snakebite and black. Definitely. Perhaps now followed up with a nice single malt.
What is your favourite memory or anecdote from the Serious Road Trip?It's a toss up between seeing the look on the faces of the family of the elderly couple we had just helped smuggle out of Sarajevo and standing in the middle of hundreds of people in a venue in South London who were dancing to wicked DJ's and feeling all luvvdup knowing all these people had contributed £5000 to SRT just when we didn't have two shekels to play tiddlywinks with ... again!