Teresa Pöller

Present OccupationDirector of a charitable organisation (!)
Where do you live?In the village of Übersee in Bavaria, where, according to Tony Gaffney, the only excitement is seeing a little girl wearing bright green wellingtons outside the chemists.
Where would you like to live?Anywhere: it's the people you live with that count
What do you think the mission statement of the Serious Road Trip is?Never forget the soul
What did you do within the Serious Road Trip?I think I was sort of chairperson of the trustees, home from home with nutritional recuperation and free beer programme, mother-ersatz, agony-aunt and last resort for personal financial disasters for field members of the SRT
What did the Serious Road Trip do within you?I now know that even the wildest dream can be made into (completely different) reality.
If the Serious Road Trip was a well-known person, who would it be?Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Ken Saro-wiwa, Robin Hood and Nelson Mandela all rolled into one but much funnier and for the most part better looking.
What's the most valuable thing you've ever given to somebody?My whole hearted and practical support.
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to the world?It made charitable work more colourful and in tune with the emotional requirements of people, especially children, in need.
What difference did the Serious Road Trip make to you?It proved that where there's a telephone there's a way: virtually anything can be organised by telephone including the only low loader transport vehicle in Germany with less than 30 cm ground clearance, at my disposal within 24 hours (even if we didn't need it in the end).
Choose one word or phrase to encapsulate the Serious Road TripTurns the tears into laughter.
What did you not like about the Serious Road Trip?Nothing, apart from 12 hour meetings in Camden.
Propose a motto for the Serious Road Trip"We don't talk about it, we do it!"
In what circumstances did you join the Serious Road Trip?I was coopted by popular vote and cunning blagging by Tony Gaffney.
In what circumstances did you leave the Serious Road Trip?I didn't.
If you were to measure the Serious Road Trip, which system would you use and what ranking would you give?The Andrew and Christopher Watt "believe it can be done" scale in %: SRT score = 100%
Did you manage to achieve what you set out to do?I didn't set out to do anything - the SRT just happened to me.
What would be an alternative or better name for the Serious Road Trip?There can never be a better name.
What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from the Serious Road Trip?Some of the best memories in my life and counting people like Nev, Tony G., Christopher, Damon, Spesh, Simone and, last but definitely not least, Christophe with his wife Snje and their two gorgeous daughters my friends.
What do you think the Serious Road Trip is good at?Lateral and innovative thinking in the aid world
What do you think the Serious Road Trip should do next?
  1. Help other organisations to overcome their personal prestige thinking and to work together for the greater good
  2. organise a really good reunion party, and
  3. write a book about the SRT
If the Serious Road Trip was a drink, which one would it be?Beer, beer, beer and perhaps a little schnapps.
What is your favourite memory or anecdote from the Serious Road Trip?Tony Gaffney at Serbian gun-point on a convoy: the Serbian guards wanted a much too large proportion of the goods. Tony ripped his shirt open, buttons popping, and pointing to his exposed chest, indicated that they would have to shoot him first. Apparently this caused so much hilarity on the Serbian side, that the convoy was allowed to pass without relinquishing any of the goods.