TSRT News and Events [2010]

The Serious Road Trip Festival
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française
24 September 2010 - 25 September 2010
The TSRT-CHF festival will be held in the place d'Arènes in Besançon.
Evening shows at St Martin d'Abbat
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française
17 September 2010 - 18 September 2010
TSRT-CHF will perform two shows in St Martin d'Abbat, featuring juggling, clowning, trapeze and a cine-concert.
French Juggling Convention
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise
20 June 2010 - 27 June 2010
TSRT is a member of the Associated Collective of Western Jugglers (CAJO), which is organizing an event at Sorinières. TSRT-CHN will be present.
Evening of shows at La Petite Fuie
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française
18 June 2010 - 18 June 2010
TSRT-CHF will present some of the shows from its forthcoming tour of Romania at La Petite Fuie in Charente.
Festival "Ze Pelleri'Nez"
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise
11 June 2010 - 12 June 2010
TSRT-CHN is holding its second annual circus and clown festival, at Pellerin near Nantes.
Barbecue with TSRT-CHN
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise
04 June 2010 - 04 June 2010
TSRT-CHN is hosting a barbecue for friends and supporters at le Pellerin.
Meeting of Adapted Circus Art
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise
31 May 2010 - 04 June 2010
TSRT-CHN is hosting a meeting for practitioners of adapted circus art under its big top in Nantes.
10th Anniversary Celebration
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Bisontine
21 May 2010 - 24 May 2010
TSRT-CHB are celebrating their 10th anniversary with three days of events at Crotenay, including shows, workshops, film showings and a cine-concert.
Project: I Believe Chickens Fly
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Nantaise
01 May 2010 - 19 May 2010
TSRT-CHN is working with local NGOs ARSIS and FBSH to offer circus workshops to street children in Albania.
The Wall ('Le Mur')
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Bisontine
30 April 2010 - 30 April 2010
TSRT-CHB will be presenting a free performance of its show The Wall ('Le Mur') at Champlive near Besançon.
TSRT-CHF Spring Workshop #2
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française
24 April 2010 - 25 April 2010
TSRT-CHF will be holding a spring workshop on trapeze techniques at La Petite Fuie in Charente.
TSRT-CHB shows and presentations
TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Bisontine
03 April 2010 - 03 April 2010
To celebrate their return from Mali and Burkina Faso, TSRT-CHB is organizing an evening event including shows and a presentation of photos from the projects.