Juggle beneath the Moon


TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française


France: Loiret region




2 months (05.1998-06.1998)


FRF 33677 for 2 months.


A tour of juggling shows in 55 institutions for handicapped people in the Loiret area.


Juggle beneath the Moon (JSL) consisted of a tour of juggling shows in institutions for handicapped people. The tour took place in the months of May and June 1998, and reached 55 institutions in the Loiret region of France. The main objectives of JSL were:
  • to encourage physical and mental sensations in the audience;
  • to create an unusual and warm atmosphere, thanks to the originality of the show and the subsequent activities
  • to establish a dynamic among the staff involved by, for example, the creation of juggling workshops following the presentation


Where requested by the institutions and the audience, the show was followed by a more interactive activity based on juggling. Thanks to TSRT-CHF's playful, comic approach, it was easy for us to make the basic techniques of juggling accessible to handicapped people. In the majority of cases, this was a new experience for them, and thus an obvious source of stimulation.