Juggle beneath the Moon 2


TSRT Connexion Humanitaire Française


France: Loiret region




2 months (01.1999-02.1999)


FRF 78760 over 2 months


A socio-cultural project which put on a tour of juggling shows in 38 institutions for handicapped people in the Centre region of France.


Juggle beneath the Moon 2 (JSL2) is a followup to the project Juggle beneath the Moon which took place in 1998. JSL2 will put on a tour of juggling shows in thirty-eight institutes for handicapped people. The main objectives of JSL2 are:
  • to allow handicapped people a day's escape from the routine which is often the rule in centres for handicapped people
  • to stimulate the audience both at the sensory and mental level (the show) and the physical and motor level (the workshops).
  • to suggest a new approach for the institutions (the show followed by the workshop, in the space of a single day) which can act as a complement to the educational and caring programmes already in place in each institution.


Thanks to a comic and playful approach, it's easy to make the basic techniques of juggling accessible to handicapped people. In most cases, this is a new discovery for them, and thus an obvious source of stimulation and pleasure.